March 12, 2018 admin

12th – 16th March

This week in The Children’s House we will be continuing to celebrate Seachtain na Gaeilge, ending up with having St Patrick’s Day festivities at the end of the week! We will be decorating the classroom, doing lots of fun games, making green playdough, and dressing up in green on Friday for our St Patrick’s Day party!!

5 Little Leprechauns

5 little leprechauns standing in a row,
1 fell down and hurt his toe.
4 little leprechauns climbing up a tree,
1 slipped down while spying on me.
3 little leprechauns dancing in the sun,
1 sat down and spoiled all the fun.
2 little leprechauns sang an Irish song,
1 quit singing and said they sang too long.
1 little leprechaun guarding all the gold,
He fell asleep, so I was told.
I crept to his cave as he began to snore,
I snatched up the gold and ran out the door!