May 11, 2020 admin

May 11th – time capsule, worry box, wish jar & sensory bottles!!

Hi everyone! This week we are going to focus on fun things you can do while stuck in this strange situation to try make the best of it, & maybe make a record of it for posterity!! There are also some activities that might help with emotions in case they’re running high at any stage…it’s such a confusing time for us as adults, so we can only imagine how hard it is for the littler people to make any sense of it all.

You’ve probably seen that there are some lovely ideas out there about making time capsules to have a memento of this time when we’re out the other side, & this is a really nice template that you could help your child to fill out, or alternatively do up your own version – whichever suits best!!

During this time especially, a lot of children might be anxious about their worlds having gotten smaller, & might be missing their friends & routine – on the other hand, they might well be having the time of their lives at home with you!! We often make worry boxes in school at different times during the year – this is literally an empty tissue box that you can decorate, & when someone is worried about something we write it down on a piece of paper & put it in. This can help to mentally let go of the worry – some children are more anxious than others, and making an abstract thought into something concrete is very beneficial for them. We check the box periodically & these worries can then be torn up & put in the bin as they are dealt with, which is very satisfying, & also shows that they are only temporary!

There was also a really wonderful idea online about making a wish jar, so that every time your child wishes they could do something, go somewhere or visit someone that they aren’t allowed to do at the moment, you write it on a note & put it in a jar. Then when the restrictions are eased, you work your way through the wish list – so again this reinforces to the children the idea that all this is only temporary, and that things *will* improve at some stage. In the meantime, the jar is filling up with magical things to look forward to!!

On the jars theme, just in case you have a lot just waiting for something to be used for…!! Sensory jars are fantastic to make with the children – we made ocean bottles in school before & they were the biggest hit, really calming (even for us adults!!) – & SO easy to make!! All you need is an empty jar or bottle, water, oil & food colouring. The video attached is really straight forward & she makes 3 versions –a glitter bottle (water & glitter); the ocean/ oil & water bottle; party in a bottle (anything goes!!) You can use superglue to secure the lids if you’re worried about little people investigating the contents too closely!!

Another really simple activity is to make stress balls – all that’s needed is balloons, water & cornflour! They’re addictive…

The song this week is a good one to get active to – ‘If You’re Happy & You Know It’ – don’t hold back & go all out doing happy, sad, angry & tired faces & actions with your children!!

Finally, I’ve attached the link to the coronavirus book for children that again I’m sure many of you have seen – it’s written with the input of experts including a child psychologist, & illustrated by Axel Scheffler, the legendary illustrator of many Julia Donaldson books. It’s pitched at 5 to 9 year olds, but might be useful as a reference point. (There’s also an audio version available now)

We hope you & your children enjoy this week’s activities, & don’t forget to send us on any proof, I mean photos, of doing them!! From all at The Children’s House, take care & talk soon xx