June 14, 2022 admin

13th – 17th June

It’s all about pets this week at The Children’s House, as we’re asking any appropriate pets to come & visit us this week for Pet Week! We’ll be learning all about different pets & what they need & how we can look after their needs, & we’ll be doing different pet sorting activities & pictures – it’s going to be great fun! Then during the week we’ll also be talking about the man in our lives, before Father’s Day this Sunday, & doing an art activity for this. Finally, we will be bringing the children who are going to be going to primary school up to visit St Laurence’s National School on Tuesday to have a look at the school classrooms, the playground & see what the routine of the day is like; this really helps with the transition in September.

It’s Fun to Have a Pet (poem)

Cats and rabbits,
And hamsters and frogs,
Snakes and turtles,
And gerbils and dogs,
Fish that love to be all wet,
Oh, it’s fun to have a pet!