April 19, 2021 admin

19th – 23rd April

Welcome to another week at the children’s house!! The children have all settled back in really well after the Easter Holidays, it’s great to see them enjoying their group project and having fun with their friends. This week we are moving on to the colourful continent of South America where the children will examine where it is situated on the globe and map. They will explore some of the landmarks, animals, and the Amazon rainforest and its layers.
On the creative side, there will be arts and crafts activities such as tracing the South American Map and making some Rio Carnival headdresses and music and movement relating to South American musical instruments and music. If anyone would like to share any experiences of South America this week please feel free to send it in to the girls, they will be delighted!
The Seven Continents Poem
North America, South America joined in the west,
Europe and Asia meet together and on Africa, they rest.
Australia stands alone, floating down below,
And Antarctica is the loneliest, where no one wants to go!