April 2, 2019 admin

1st – 5th April

This week the classes will be continuing on with our Timeline of the Eras project and learning about the Cenozoic Era – the age of the mammals, who replaced reptiles as the most prominent land animals; the children will be learning about mammals (e.g. that they are warm-blooded (unlike the reptiles), they have hair or fur on their bodies, and the females can provide milk to feed their young) and making pictures to represent the era.

We will also be planting seedpots this week, and discussing what plants need to grow – air, sunlight, water, nutrients/soil – as well as practising some mindfulness at the end of the week!

Flower Garden (tune: Farmer in the Dell)

We all plant our seeds
We all plant our seeds
Hi ho and Cherry O
We all plant our seeds

The rain begins to fall…
The sun begins to shine…
The flowers begin to grow…