25th – 29th September

We really enjoyed all the Autumnal activities last week at The Children’s House, and this week will be another busy one! We will be talking about our families, bringing in photos to make a family display on the wall, philosophising about what makes our families so special and also naming the people who love us – verbalising these things aloud can help reinforce the children’s feelings of security and reassure them of all the love surrounding them – a lovely thing to do at any age! Then on Tuesday we will have Pet Visit Day!! The children can bring in a pet from home to visit (under supervision!) or alternatively bring in an animal teddy or a photo of an animal they particularly like, and we will talk about these at circle time.

We will also be doing a science experiment putting oil, water and food colouring to make an ocean bottle; the ocean bottle demonstrates how oil and water are immiscible, but can also act as a calming device – if a child is becoming agitated sometimes focusing on shaking the bottle then watching the droplets separate again can be very calming for them. Along this line, we have been doing deep calming breathing exercises at circle time, and will be starting our yoga this week – yoga is a great activity to do with young children as it’s physcially active, and it also gives them the idea that they can learn to use different strategies to regulate their emotions when needed. Lastly, this week we will be practising our first fire dril!!


Some families are big                    (arms out wide)
Some families are small                (arms in close)
But I love my family                       (point at self)
Best of all!!                                       (throw arms up in air!)

18th – 22nd September

It’s all about Autumn this week in The Children’s House!! The children will be learning about Autumn weather and we will be discussing how it’s getting colder and the nights are getting longer and the days shorter; we will making stewed apple with cooking apples – practising skills like peeling, chopping and stirring, as well as measuring, and studying how the apple changes from being cooked at heat – all very scientific as well as tasty!! Then later in the week we will go on a nature walk around the area to the rear – there are some birds nesting nearby so we might need to quietly go and explore, and see what else we can find on our walk. This is a good opportunity for us to practise crossing the road with the children, and encouraging them not to run across the road in the car park without looking and checking for traffic first.

We will also be making birthday displays and practising some mindfulness by sitting quietly listening to the sounds we can hear from outside when we open the windows, and finally we will be doing some Autumn leaf art at the end of the week….it’s going to be a busy one!!!

Duilleoga Deasa (Nice Leaves)

Duilleoga deasa, deasa                (Nice, nice leaves)
Duilleoga deasa, buí                    (Nice, yellow leaves)
Duilleoga deasa, deasa               (Nice, nice leaves)
Ag damhsa leis an ngaoth.        (Dancing with the wind)

11th – 15th September 2017

Welcome to our first full week in The Children’s House!! This week we’ll be continuing to settle in and reassure the children, supporting them to become familiar with their new class and routine – we will do Practical Life activities such as carrying a chair and walking on a line, pouring grain, spooning rice etc. These activities help promote gross and fine motor movement as well as spatial awareness, and develop the children’s concentration and independence.

We will be making a jobs list for the children using their photos, and develop rules for their classrooms with them. We will also make a friendship tree with the children and put all their photos on them. Lastly, we will be doing drama using the book ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ – a firm favourite!!

Clean Up Song (tune of Twinkle Twinkle)

Twinkle twinkle little star,
Time to clean up where you are!
Put the toys back in their place,
Keep a smile upon your face,
Twinkle twinkle little star,
Time to clean up where you are!

6th – 8th September 2017

A very warm welcome to The Children’s House to all our wonderful new and returning children and their families!! We have a short week to settle everyone back in, and we will be focusing on getting to know each other, learning each others’ names, practising how we walk slowly and talk quietly in the classroom, and lots of songs, games, and fun activities in circle time – we really can’t wait to get to know the classes!

Circle Time Song

Hello everyone and how are you today?
We’ve come to our circle time to sing and laugh and play!
And when we’re up we’re up, and when we’re down we’re down,
And when we’re only halfway up we’re neither up nor down.
So roll your hands so slowly, and roll your hands so fast –
Give your hands a clap clap clap,
And place them on your lap lap lap!