18th – 22nd January

Hi everyone we hope you’re all doing well – we’re halfway through January already so that can only be a good thing This week we’re giving some ideas related to healthy habits for children – washing hands, exercising, healthy cooking, meditation….all things your children can practice at home with you ❤️
Here’s a link to a meditation video – the butterfly body scan – enjoy!! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=56_8aK3cLEA

11th – 15th January 2021

As we are sadly not going to be in school for the next few weeks, we are giving a few ideas to do with children at home every week 💡 – there’s absolutely no pressure of course to do them!! We know that you have all sorts of responsibilities at the moment, we’re just putting together overviews of the weekly plans like we would as normal involving activities that should be possible to do at home & hopefully they’re of use to you 😊 As always, please feel free to share photos/pictures of activities your child is doing while we’re under lockdown, we love to see them ❤️

School closure for all of January

The Children’s House will remain closed until 1st February 2021, as per the government directive this week; we will be in touch with any other information in the meantime – please take care & stay safe until then!