22nd – 26th February 2021

This last week of February our theme for activities is All About Me, incorporating yoga, mindfulness & lots of love!! ❤️ We’re encouraging the children to think about themselves & how they’re unique & different from everyone else, & how to express their love for others & also themselves – which is so important We’re asking families to give compliments to each other, write them down & maybe decorate them & hang them somewhere in the house – celebrate each other this week!! ✨


15th – 19th February

Hi everyone we hope you’re all doing well, & had a great week last week!! The ideas we’re sharing this week are all related to Spring & the life cycle of a plant, so below you’ll see the plan for the week which involves mindfulness & art – as well as lots of pancakes of course
Here also are some Youtube links related to Spring & the lifecycle of a plant – enjoy!!!

8th – 12th February

Hi everyone, hope you’re all doing well it’s a busy week ahead with Chinese New Year celebrations starting this Friday – the year of the Ox!! And then on Sunday it’s Valentine’s Day of course, so we’ve got some arts & crafts ideas below for your children to do at home with you ✂️️
If we were in school we would be asking them how they show their love ❤️ e.g. by giving a hug, by making something, or by helping with something around the house – so now might be a good time to get the Valentine’s chores list drawn up As we will be missing our annual Valentine’s ball, we’re encouraging everyone to dress up & have one at home on Sunday – & don’t forget to send us in the photos

1st – 5th February

Beannachtaí Lá Fhéile Bríde!! Happy St Brigids Day & a very big welcome to Spring at last!!!
We hope you’re all keeping well – as you know, we’re starting our zoom calls this week to the classes, & we hope your children will be able to join in for even 1 of the 2 weekly check ins, we can’t wait to see them!! As normal we are sending on some weekly activities, this week though is a little bit different as they are based on philosophising with children which is all about using open-ended questions, discussions & using ‘what if…’ & ‘I wonder…’ statements – trying not to ask leading questions but just to encourage critical thinking – young children have that innately if we just encourage & support it, using a conversation starting point like a particular story, video or picture. To this end, you could ask your child a fun question (e.g. ‘what would you rather have – 4 legs, 6 eyes or 2 mouths?!’) & ask them to think about their answer & explain why – obviously there are no right or wrong answers here!!
Attached below is an emotions wheel & relaxation thermometer, if you would like to use them with your children in order to support them in talking about their feelings & using deep breathing or other strategies to help them relax when needed. The song this week is also about emotions ‘If you’re happy & you know it’ – don’t hold back & go all out doing happy, sad, angry & tired faces & actions with your children!!
Take care & keep in touch, from all of us here at The Children’s House xx