Easter holidays!!

The Children’s House will be closed from today Friday 26th March for 2 weeks for Easter holidays

We will be reopening on Monday 12th April

Happy Easter everyone, have a great break & keep safe!!

22nd – 26th March

What a wonderful Seachtain na Gaeilge and St Patrick’s celebrations last week. The children made and put up some fantastic decorations and created some beautiful artwork. This week is going to be an exciting week. It’s hard to believe this is the last week before the Easter Holidays!! We will be decorating the school for Easter and doing some lovely arts and crafts, as well as some egg painting. We will also be cooking some yummy Easter nests. Finally on Friday our last day of school we will be having some fun games, and an Easter egg hunt!!
Sleeping Bunnies
See the little bunnies sleeping
Til its nearly noon
Come and let us gently wake them
With a merry tune
Oh, so still
Are they ill?
Wake up soon!
Hop little bunnies
Hop, hop, hop (X3)


15th – 19th March

Beannachtaí Lá Fhéile Pádraig daoibh!! Happy St Patrick’s Day to you all – this week in The Children’s House we will be celebrating Seachtain na Gaeilge with St Patrick’s Day festivities in the middle of the week; we will be making rainbow chains and process art shamrocks (this just means that the emphasis is on enjoying the creative process & not focussing on the end product so much!), celebrating St Patrick’s Day on Friday with a parade, and finishing the week with a céilí – all the children can come in to school on Friday wearing green for this if they would like to!

Within the classroom we use Irish phrases such as ‘faigh do chóta’ (get your coat), ‘dún an doras’ (close the door), ‘cé leis é?’ (whose is this), ‘anseo’ (here) etc on a daily basis, so this week we will be practising our Irish vocabularies greatly!

Rolaí Polaí (Irish rhyme)

Rolaí polaí suas, suas, suas,                    (roll arms and raise them up)
Rolaí polaí síos, síos, síos,                       (roll arms and lower them down)
Rolaí polaí amach, amach, amach,        (roll arms and stretch them out)
Rolaí polaí isteach, isteach, isteach!      (roll arms and bring them in, hugging yourself)

Lámh, lámh eile

Lámh, lámh eile, a haon, a dó,           (Hand, other hand, one, two)
Cos, cos eile, a haon, a dó.                  (Leg, other leg, one, two)
Súil, súil eile, a haon, a dó,                 (Eye, other eye, one, two,)
Cluas, cluas eile, a haon, a dó,           (Ear, other ear, one, two,)
Ceann, srón, béal, smig,                      (Head, nose, mouth, chin,)
Agus fiacla bána i mo bhéal istigh.   (And white teeth inside my mouth.


8th – 12th March

Welcome back everyone!! We’re SO happy to see you all again, it’s amazing to be back in school with our friends at long last! This week we will be focusing on resettling everyone  & reintroducing the class routine, while also keeping the emphasis on good hygiene practises especially hand washing, & covering our mouths & noses when sneezing or coughing. To this end, we’ll be doing the science experiment using a bowl of water with ground pepper sprinkled on it (the pepper representing germs), dip a finger in soap & then in the bowl, & watch how the ‘germs’ scatter & spread away from the soap.

It’s Mother’s Day at the weekend, so we’ll be doing some Mother’s Day crafts – making cards, doing yoga to stretch & exercise our bodies, & at the end of the week we’ll be baking some Mother’s Day treats!!

Mother’s Day Song (tune of Jingle Bells)

Mother’s Day, Mother’s Day, happy Mother’s Day!
Here’s a gift I’ll give to you, on this Mother’s Day –
I’ll clean my room, I’ll make my bed,
I’ll put my toys away,
I’ll be good, just for you,
On this Mother’s Day!

1st – 5th March

March is here at last, & what a beautiful day to start the month ☀️ We will be back to being in the classrooms next week (hooray!!!) so this is the last weekly plan for activities/ ideas for now – we are focusing on preparing the children for their return to Montessori, to ask them what they’re excited or nervous about, & reinforcing the importance of good hygiene e.g. hand washing & giving each other personal space – not always easy for the little people have a great week & enjoy this wonderful sunshine, see you all soon!!❤️