25th – 29th April

Welcome back after the Easter break everyone, we hope you had a really lovely 2 weeks, & we’re glad to see you back & hear all your news! This week our overall topic is ‘All About Me’, as we will be continuing on the children’s photo books about themselves, but also linking into their group project about the universe/their world – this week the focus will be on the county we live in & looking at their map of Kildare. As well as this, we will be doing our handprints & footprints, talking about what makes us feel sad & happy, & doing lots of yoga, so a busy fun-filled week ahead!!

All Of Me

My hands are for clapping,
My arms can hug tight,
My fingers can snap,
Or turn out the light.

My legs are for jumping,
My eyes can help me see,
This is my body,
And I love all of me!

4th – 8th April

Happy Easter everyone!! This week we’ll be doing a lot of arts & crafts, using watercolours to make cards – it’s all about the process & the enjoyment of it, not so much about the end product – & baking, making Easter nests, as well as a science experiment & at the end of the week a fun Easter egg hunt!

We will be closed for holidays from this Friday April 8th until Monday April 25th – have a lovely break everyone!!

Hop Little Bunnies

See the little bunnies sleeping til noon,
Shall we go & wake them with a merry tune?
Oh so still…..are they ill?…
Wake up bunnies hop, hop, hop,
Hop little bunnies hop, hop, hop!