May 20, 2019 admin

20th – 24th May

It’s music week this week at The Children’s House – we will be looking at different musical instruments e.g. drums (percussion), guitars (strings), so if anyone has any instruments please feel free to bring them in to show us!! We are also inviting family members in all this week to play instruments with us, sing songs or nursery rhymes, or anything musical at all!

Later in the week the children can bring in recyclables to make instruments out of e.g. plastic bottles, tubs, Pringles tubes…we’ll be using our imaginations! We will also be listening to different types of music to introduce the idea of how music can cause us to feel different emotions, and playing games like musical statues – it’s going to be a really fun week!!

The Music Man

Verse: I am the music man, I come from far away,
And I can play (what can you play?)

Chorus: I play piano – pia pia piano, piano, piano, pia pia piano, pia piano.

Verse…Chorus: I play the violin – vio vio violin, violin, violin, vio vio violin, vio violin,
Pia pia piano, piano, piano, pia pia piano, pia pian.

Verse…Chorus: I play the saxphone – saxo saxo saxophone…
Vio vio violin…pia pia piano…

Verse…Chorus: I play the big bass drum – big bass big bass big bass drum…
Saxo saxo saxophone…vio vio violin…pia pia piano…