September 21, 2021 admin

20th – 24th September

Hi everyone, this week is Fire Safety week at The Children’s House!! The children are going to learn all about what we would do if there was ever a fire, and we will have the first of our monthly fire drills – this is a really important thing to do in order to try & take as much fear as possible out of the idea of there ever being a fire. When the fire drill is practised regularly then it becames a routine, & the children automatically know when they hear the fire alarm that they stop playing, exit the building & line up to get their names called.

We will be making firefighter hats & doing fun activities like pretending to be firefighters & putting out a pretend fire in the garden!

A Little Fire (tune: Mary had a Little Lamb)
Someone saw a little fire, little fire, little fire,
Someone saw a little fire,
And they called for help…HELP!!!
The firefighters waved a hose, waved a hose, waved a hose,
The firefighters waved a hose,
And put out the fire!