June 21, 2021 admin

21st – 24th June

It’s hard to believe it’s the last full week of our school year!!! We’re going to have fun-filled week as it’s Sports Week ⛹️⚽️ The children will be playing musical statues, making obstacle courses, doing mindfulness & all sorts of different activities before our big day on Friday, when we have our Big Toddle for Barnardos down at the GAA pitch (weather permitting ) & also our Sports Day – we’ll have hurdles, agility ladders, sack races, bean bag throwing….you name it!!
We will also be making Worry Dolls, which is a tradition that we do every year with the children; these are a traditional Guatemalan peg doll that the children can confide their worries in and the dolls are meant to take the worries away. We always reiterate to the children that they should always tell their parents/guardians/teachers about their worries, but if for instance they are awake in the middle of the night and need a bit of comfort, the worry dolls are a lovely support ❤️❤️