November 25, 2019 admin

25th – 29th November

Thanks to everyone who sent in photos for our wall display of lifelong learning – & remember it’s never too late to do so!! This week, we’re learning all about oral hygiene & first aid! We will be looking at what sort of foods are healthy for our teeth, and those that are not so healthy (following on from the food pyramid, which was a great success) – and we will be talking about the importance of cleaning our teeth, and why we do it. As well as this, we will be studying the parts of the tooth, and doing art activities to do with teeth – be prepared for a lot of energetic teeth brushing at night!!! During the week we will also be talking about first aid: what to do if someone has an accident, who should we call, how could we help etc, and showing the children how to do a basic bandage – should be a lot of fun!! At the end of the week we will be starting to talk about the story of Christmas, as the time is flying in…..

Brush Your Teeth (tune: Row Your Boat)

Brush, brush, brush your teeth,
Brush them every day,
The front, the sides, the back, the top,
Keep the germs away!