April 27, 2021 admin

26th – 30th April

This week the children will be busy exploring the continent of Europe where they will learn how to say hello in some different European languages! They will study where it is geographically on the globe and map, as well as looking at European animals & and monuments in different countries. There will be music-making with instruments from European countries and we will be listening to music. Don’t forget to send in any traditions, poems, songs, or information from your home countries as this brings the continents to life for the children!
Saying Hello to our friends around Europe
In Ireland, we say ‘Dia Dhuit’
In England, it’s ‘Hello’
In Poland we say ‘Czesc’
and in Serbia we say ‘Zdravo’!
In France they say ‘Bonjour’
In Spain it’s ‘Hola’
and in Germany we say ‘Halo’!