June 28, 2022 admin

27th – 29th June

Well it’s the last few days of our first full school year in a while, & we just can’t believe how fast it’s gone by!!! We’ve had such a wonderful year with your fantastic children – thank you all so much firstly for entrusting us with your children, it’s been a real privilege to facilitate them in their learning, and secondly thank you for all your ongoing participation and support in that learning, and for all the input you’ve given to us in the school! Thankfully this year we’ve been able to get back to facilitating family visits – from parents, grandparents, siblings & pets!! Families have been a big part of your child’s year whether it was coming to the Family Day at the GAA pitch, coming into school for Pet Visit Week, or having grandparents visit during Grandparents Week – it’s meant so much to the children as well as us staff, so thank you, as it has added hugely to all of our experiences this year & feels wonderful to be getting back to normal!!

So onto this short week – we will be having lots of chats & relaxation to finish up the year with, & releasing the butterflies who have this week emerged from their chrysallides just in time!! We will enjoy spending this precious time with your children before they head off for the summer – it’s not an easy thing to say goodbye to all the little people who are moving on to ‘big’ school after spending the year or 2 getting to know them and being part of their wonderful journey of growth & learning, but they’re ready for that step, and it’s an exciting time for them and for us all! We’re so happy to be welcoming a lot of children back for their second year in September, which is always some consolation! If you don’t have a child returning in the near future, we hope that you & your child will continue to visit any time – and this year we had our first college students on work experience who were ex-pupils of the Montessori, as well as many Transition Year students, so there’s no excuses – we can always find a space for your children!!

The Children’s House will be closing on Wednesday 29th June for summer holidays,

re-opening Wednesday 31st August

– have a wonderful summer everyone, and thanks for another amazing year!!