May 27, 2019 admin

27th – 31st May

This week in The Children’s House we are celebrating grandparents, and asking if any of the children’s grandparents would like to join us during the week and tell us all about themselves when they were little – their favourite games, toys, nursery rhymes etc, maybe show us photos of when they were children – or read a story at circle time, or anything they like at all!!

Instead of 1 particular song/poem we will be doing lots of nursery rhymes as they are so good for language skills, and philosophising – to discuss that the school year is coming near an end, & how the children have all grown older & achieved many things, and try to get them to reflect on how they’ve changed or what they’ve achieved. They’ll do self-portraits during the week, & at the end of the week, the compliments game is where we go around the circle & take turns giving a friend compliments e.g. what does everyone think is the best thing about Siobhan? (!) She’s so kind to her friends, is great at singing, really good at sharing etc….it’s a lovely activity!

Nursery Rhymes

Baa baa black sheep
Dingle dangle scarecrow
Row, row, row your boat
Frere Jacques
Ring a ring a Rosie