January 29, 2018 admin

29th January – 2nd February

This week we are starting music appreciation in The Children’s House! We will be starting by learning about some of the different dynamics in music – this is the variation of loudness of the piece of music – the 2 basic dynamics are piano (soft) and forte (loud). Then during the week we will be doing some breathing exercises using our diaphragms while sitting/standing up straight, looking at what music notes look like when written down, learning how to use the Montessori bells to play melodies, listening to different composers’ works and exploring the families of the orchestra!! We would like to invite any family member who is free, to come in and play some music with us during the week as part of our music appreciation activities.

Elsie The Elephant

Elsie is an elephant who wants to play,
She is musical and big and grey,
She is good at singing mi, re, do,
That’s why the little children love her so!