November 2, 2020 admin

2th – 6th November

Welcome back everyone, we hope you had a lovely Halloween break!! It’s a busy week ahead in The Children’s House – we will be learning all about teeth as our topic is dental hygiene, so we will be talking about the importance of dental hygiene and why we look after our teeth and discussing what might happen if we didn’t do so. We will then be learning about the parts of the tooth and talking about healthy food that we can eat, like crunchy foods like apples and carrots, and calcium-containing foods which strengthen our teeth such as milk, cheese and yoghurts. We will be doing tooth brushing activities and talking about visiting the dentist, as well as counting our teeth and doing arts & crafts; at the end of the week we will be doing noodle dancing!!!

Here We Go Round the Apple Tree (tune of: Here we go round the Mulberry Bush)

This is the way we brush our teeth,
Brush our teeth, brush our teeth.
This is the way we brush our teeth,
On a cold and frosty morning.