November 30, 2020 admin

30th November – 4th December

As we enter December – where did November go???!! – the theme this week in The Children’s House is Winter & Christmas Art, so it’s going to be a busy, fun, art-filled week! To start the week we will be talking to the children about doing an outdoors Christmas concert with them, & choosing which songs we might do – we always involve the children in their learning & activities as much as possible, as it gives them a sense of involvement & motivation, & it is more appropriate than an adult choosing things for them to do without any input from the child.

We will be doing an Arctic snow hunt with Arctic animals on a tray covered in flour & a paint brush to help unearth them, making hand print winter trees using arms & hands for the tree & finger prints for the snow, & dressing snowmen in winter clothes & talking about winter clothes that we need to wear in the colder weather.

A Wintry Night (poem)

The sky is dark & the ground is white,
The world is peaceful on this wintry night.
No one around, not a sound to be heard,
Not a laugh, not a car, not even a bird.
For a moment, it’s just the snow and me.
I smile inside.
I feel so free.

by Lyndsey Kuster.