June 1, 2021 admin

31st May – 4th June

Hello everyone, welcome to another exciting week, we hope you had a wonderful weekend in the beautiful sunshine!! ☀️☀️☀️ This week the children will be working on their all about me books – they will find out how tall they are using the large number rods, they will have the opportunity to choose their favorite continent & animal and draw it, they will discuss why they love their family❤️, who their friends are, and what they like to do with them. Then there will be the opportunity for the children to get messy while painting their hands and feet to make handprints and footprints! With the aid of emotions cards, the children will talk about what makes them happy and sad, and of course there will be lots of picnics & outdoor time in the sunshine!!
All of Me
My hands are for clapping,
My arms can hug tight,
My fingers can snap or turn out the light.
My legs are for jumping,
My eyes help me see,
This is my body –
and I love all of me!