March 5, 2019 admin

4th – 8th March

This week in The Children’s House we will be marking Shrove Tuesday by making pancakes (yum!!), celebrating World Book Day on Thursday by asking the children to bring in their favourite books to read with us – they can also come in dressed up as their favourite character from a book or film if they like – & if any family member is free to come in to read with us, all the better!! We will also be doing more Irish as it is the start of Seachtain na Gaeilge, so we will be learning animal names and doing Irish songs throughout the week.

Roille Roille Ráinne (Ring a Rosie)

Roille roille ráinne,
Timpeall linn an bhfáinne,                               Around together in a circle,
Ríleo ró! Ríleo ró!
Suas san aer le mo choisín ó!                           Up in the air with my feet!