March 7, 2018 admin

5th – 9th March

Welcome back to everyone – it’s great to get back to school after being snowbound last week! This week in The Children’s House we will be celebrating Seachtain na Gaeilge as well as talking about the new month, and making a craft for Mother’s Day. We will be learning an Irish poem about our body parts, and also learning Irish names of farm animals, as well as practising our Irish dancing at the end of the week which should be lots of fun!!

Within the classroom we use Irish phrases such as ‘faigh do chóta’ (get your coat), ‘dún an doras’ (close the door), ‘cé leis é?’ (whose is this), ‘anseo’ (here) etc on a daily basis, so this week we will be expanding our Irish vocabularies greatly!

Lámh, lámh eile

Lámh, lámh eile, a haon, a dó,           (Hand, other hand, one, two)
Cos, cos eile, a haon, a dó.                  (Leg, other leg, one, two)
Súil, súil eile, a haon, a dó,                 (Eye, other eye, one, two,)
Cluas, cluas eile, a haon, a dó,           (Ear, other ear, one, two,)
Ceann, srón, béal, smig,                      (Head, nose, mouth, chin,)
Agus fiacla bána i mo bhéal istigh.   (And white teeth inside my mouth.