October 23, 2018 admin

22nd – 26th October

We will be closed for mid-term break Monday 29th & Tuesday 30th October,

re-opening Wednesday 31st October –

Happy Halloween everyone!!

It’s all getting a bit spooky in The Children’s House this week as we prepare for Halloween!! We will be talking about why we celebrate Halloween, its origins, and the different things we do to celebrate it – bonfires, fireworks, pumpkin carvings, trick or treating etc. During the week the children will be making Halloween shakers, egg carton spiders, balloon webs – so the classrooms are going to look very festive! Then towards the end of the week we will carve pumpkins, and on Friday have our fancy dress Halloween party with face painting and games; it’s going to be a great week!!

Note: We are still holding parent observations and parent teacher meetings; for those who haven’t been able to schedule these in yet, we are available at any time during the year. We’d also like to ask you to think how you’d like to be involved throughout your child’s preschool year – whether it’s coming in to read a story at circle time, do an activity like baking or flower pressing, talk about what you do for a living, play a musical instrument, or simply bring in some photos of when you were a similar age and tell us all about your life, hobbies & interests as a 3/4/5 year old!! The possibilities are endless….

The Hungry Hairy Spider (tune of Incy Wincy Spider)

He’s the biggest spider that I have ever seen,
He eats up all the candy every Halloween!
That hungry hairy spider crawled along the floor…
Then he looked me in the eyes and shouted ‘MORE MORE MORE’!!!