November 9, 2021 admin

8th – 12th November

It’s all about migration this week at The Children’s House! We will be talking about the reasons why animals migrate at winter time (e.g. seasonal/weather changes, to find better living or breeding conditions, to access food easier), & specifically looking at certain animals that migrate to & from Ireland such as swallows, martins, swifts etc who go south to Africa for warmer weather in the winter, while geese & swans arrive here from northern latitudes like Iceland, Greenland & Canada as we are 1 of the most northerly countries in the world where the soil & water doesn’t freeze in winter time for long periods of time. The children will be making a bird crafts during the week, looking at the globes to see how far some animals travel, & talking about their own favourite animals!


In wintertime, many an animal moves,
To a warmer place til the weather improves.
This yearly change of one’s location,
Is known as seasonal migration!