Why Montessori?

We feel very strongly that the Montessori method is a wonderful way to promote and support each unique child’s love of learning, and helps them develop to their full potential in a positive and holistic way.

Our school is a place where the child will feel safe and secure to grow, learn and experiment in their environment while being respectful of it and of each other. In this way, they start  their journey to becoming adults who will feel both a significant part of, and considerate to, their own environment.

During the year, as part of following the Montessori method which is geared towards the children’s individual needs, subjects such as cooking and gardening are included on a regular basis, as well as science experiments, as the children are encouraged to experiment and explore their world.

To provide an holistic learning experience, we also incorporate yoga, philosophising and mindfulness into our curriculum. These are topics which we feel teach important skills to the children with which to support themselves throughout their lives: yoga is something that we have always found the children love doing – the deep slow breathing has a wonderfully calming effect, and they have a natural affinity with the poses; children are full of wonder and questions, and philosophising is a way of encouraging them to engage in debate in a respectful way in order to come up with answers to their questions, which in turn develops cognitive skills such as critical thinking and problem solving, as well as open-mindedness and tolerance for others’ points of view; children are naturally mindful and focused on their work, so it is appropriate that we encourage mindfulness in the classroom – by calming the mind and paying attention to the environment around us, and observing and naming emotions, children become more self-aware and learn that emotions are temporary things, which is important to remember when everything can seem a bit overwhelming at times!