29th April – 3rd May

It’s all about the farm this week in The Children’s House! The children will be looking at animals on the Montessori farm, learning the names of baby animals, pretending to be different animals and acting out how they move, sound, etc….and preparing for one of the highlights of the year – our school trip to Lullymore next week!

As well as this, we will be doing some mindfulness, which is a great skill to practice and a good habit to get into no matter at what age, and we will also be making tasty pizzas later in the week!!

Old MacDonald

Old MacDonald had a farm, E I E I O,
And on that farm he had a cow, E I E I O,
With a moo moo here, a moo moo there,
Here a moo, there a moo, everywhere a moo moo,
Old MacDonald had a farm, E I E I O!

Old MacDonald had a farm, E I E I O,
And on that farm he had a pig/sheep/horse etc…

Easter holidays

We will be closing for Easter holidays on Fri 12th April, reopening on Mon 29th April –

Have a wonderful Easter everyone!!

We look forward to seeing you after the break!

8th – 12th April

This week in The Children’s House the children will be learning about the last part of their Timeline of the Eras project – the Neozoic Era, age of ‘new life’ – the humans! We will be discovering all about the first people that inhabited the earth, and discussing things like how they used stone and bone to make tools, and how their lives changed when they discovered how to make fire. All the classes will be making crafts for Easter, and we will be doing Easter cooking during the week, as well as an Easter egg hunt on Friday!

5 Little Easter Eggs (fingerplay)

5 little Easter eggs, lovely colours wore,
Mother ate the blue one, then there were 4.
4 little Easter eggs, 2 and 2 you see,
Daddy ate the red one, then there were 3.
3 little Easter eggs, before I knew,
Sister ate the yellow one, then there were 2.
2 little Easter eggs, oh what fun!
Brother ate the purple one, then there was 1.
1 little Easter egg, see me run,
I ate the last one, then there were none!!

1st – 5th April

This week the classes will be continuing on with our Timeline of the Eras project and learning about the Cenozoic Era – the age of the mammals, who replaced reptiles as the most prominent land animals; the children will be learning about mammals (e.g. that they are warm-blooded (unlike the reptiles), they have hair or fur on their bodies, and the females can provide milk to feed their young) and making pictures to represent the era.

We will also be planting seedpots this week, and discussing what plants need to grow – air, sunlight, water, nutrients/soil – as well as practising some mindfulness at the end of the week!

Flower Garden (tune: Farmer in the Dell)

We all plant our seeds
We all plant our seeds
Hi ho and Cherry O
We all plant our seeds

The rain begins to fall…
The sun begins to shine…
The flowers begin to grow…