27th September – 1st October

It’s friendship week at The Children’s House!! We’re going to be talking all about what makes a good friend – we even have a recipe!!! A pinch of happiness, 1 handful of kindness, 2 spoonfuls of gentleness, 1 litre of sharing, a tablespoon of helpfulness, 50g of smiles, a sprinkling of cheerfulness, & 100g of love – mix all the ingredients together & then you will have a perfect friend!!

The children will be doing baking with their friends, making stewed apple, and later in the week making a Friendship Tree in the classroom with their handprints. As well as this they will be having great fun playing ‘Duck, duck, goose’ outdoors in the garden – a lovely week ahead for all our little friends!

Do You See? (tune: Muffin Man)
Do you see our friend Joe, our friend Joe, our friend Joe?
Do you see our friend Joe, somewhere in the room?
Yes, I see our friend Joe, our friend Joe, our friend Joe.
Yes, I see our friend Joe, somewhere in the room.

20th – 24th September

Hi everyone, this week is Fire Safety week at The Children’s House!! The children are going to learn all about what we would do if there was ever a fire, and we will have the first of our monthly fire drills – this is a really important thing to do in order to try & take as much fear as possible out of the idea of there ever being a fire. When the fire drill is practised regularly then it becames a routine, & the children automatically know when they hear the fire alarm that they stop playing, exit the building & line up to get their names called.

We will be making firefighter hats & doing fun activities like pretending to be firefighters & putting out a pretend fire in the garden!

A Little Fire (tune: Mary had a Little Lamb)
Someone saw a little fire, little fire, little fire,
Someone saw a little fire,
And they called for help…HELP!!!
The firefighters waved a hose, waved a hose, waved a hose,
The firefighters waved a hose,
And put out the fire!

13th – 17th September

It’s all about Autumn this week at The Children’s House! The children are settling really well & getting used to their classes & routines, so this week we thought we’d do some fun art & science activities relating to Autumn. There will be an Autumn construction site sensory bin (located where the sand pit normally is!!), we will be doing a dancing corn Autumn science experiment – using dried corn kernels, baking soda & white vinegar, and at the end of the week the children will be doing leaf painting, always a really fun activity! Please encourage your children to bring in things for the nature table in their classrooms, and any leaves collected can be used for their paintings. The children will also be working on their birthday displays in the classroom, so a busy week ahead!!

Autumn Winds

Autumn winds begin to blow,
Coloured leaves fall fast and slow.
Whirling, twirling all around,
Till at last they reach the ground.

6th – 10th September

A huuuuuuge welcome back to the classes of 2021/22!! We’re so happy to be back with you all, & are settling into the weekly routine already! Last week we focused on introducing the children to their teachers, each other, & their preschool environment – we did activities like carrying a chair, washing our hands & making the classroom rules, as well as just getting used to the daily routine in the classroom. This week, we are talking about our families, & linking them to school by putting the family photos up on the family tree on the wall. The children will also be asked to think about how they are all different from each other, & doing self-portraits of themselves!!

Circle Time Song

Hello everyone and how are you today?
We’ve come to our circle time to sing and laugh and play!
And when we’re up we’re up, and when we’re down we’re down,
And when we’re only halfway up we’re neither up nor down.
So roll your hands so slowly, and roll your hands so fast –
Give your hands a clap clap clap,
And place them on your lap lap lap!


Some families are big                    (arms out wide)
Some families are small                (arms in close)
But I love my family                       (point at self)
Best of all!!                                       (throw arms up in air!)