28th February – 4th March

Spring is definitely here at last, with March rolling in!! This week we have a lot of activities going on with the children – we will be talking about the new month of March, & looking at the life cycles of both frogs & butterflies, as well as learning about the water cycle, & making pancakes on Shrove Tuesday!! We are very lucky that our village of Sallins has recently set up a Biodiversity Group under the umbrella for the Tidy Towns group  (https://sallinsbiodiversitygroup.wordpress.com/), who have kindly donated shamrock seeds to the school so that we can sow them in time to have shamrock for St Patrick’s Day – a really wonderful activity for this week, illustrating to the children how they can plant & care for their own plants.

Little Bo Peep

Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep
And doesn’t know where to find them.

Leave them alone & they’ll come home,
Wagging their tails behind them!

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Mary had a little lamb, it’s fleece was white as snow,
And everywhere that Mary went the lamb was sure to go.

It followed her to school one day which was against the rule,
It made the children laugh & play to see a lamb at school!

21st – 22nd February

Welcome to the shortest week in a long time at The Children’s House!! As we will be having our mid-term break from Wednesday until Friday we have only 2 days to pack in lots of fun! We will be talking all about the season of Spring, & what signs to look out for – the children might already have noticed spring bulbs like daffodils & crocuses starting to flower, & also may be enjoying the fact that the days are getting noticeably longer & the nights shorter. We will discuss the seasonal weather – all the storms at the moment should be very topical!! – & look at Spring animal matching cards, as well as listening to some appropriate music, Vivaldi’s Spring!

Spring Poem

The wind told the grass,
And the grass told the trees,

The trees told the bushes,
And the bushes told the bees,

The bees told the robin,
And the robin sang out clear –

“Wake up!
Wake up!
Spring is here!”

14th – 18th February

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!! This week we’ll be continuing on with our love theme, especially on Monday when we have our annual Valentine’s Ball!! We will be talking about our different families, looking our family trees, & discussing what we love most about our families! We will also be continuing on with our group project, at this stage we’re looking at the continents of the world & which one we live in. At the end of the week we’ll be musically focused, & listening to everyone’s favourite songs – we’re looking forward to a good mix of tastes here!!

This Is Me

This is me,
From my head to my toes,
I have 2 little eyes & 1 little nose!
I can wiggle my ears,
And stamp my feet,
From my head to my toes, I’m pretty neat!

7th – 11th February

We have 2 themes this week at The Children’s House – recycling, & Valentine’s Day! They may not seem related at first glance, but we will be talking about all the things that we love this week, an important one of which is our earth, & how we care for things we love & show that we love them – hence the recycling!! The children will be learning about the 3 R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle) & then making crafts for Valentine’s Day using recycled materials. We will be doing an outdoor science experiment later in the week, & ending the week with a lovely bit of self care in the form of yoga – after all, one of the most important things to look after & love is our own selves!!

Valentine’s Song (tune of: London Bridge is Falling Down)

If you want to show your love,
Show your love, for your friends,
If you want to show your love,
Share a smile!