February 21, 2022 admin

21st – 22nd February

Welcome to the shortest week in a long time at The Children’s House!! As we will be having our mid-term break from Wednesday until Friday we have only 2 days to pack in lots of fun! We will be talking all about the season of Spring, & what signs to look out for – the children might already have noticed spring bulbs like daffodils & crocuses starting to flower, & also may be enjoying the fact that the days are getting noticeably longer & the nights shorter. We will discuss the seasonal weather – all the storms at the moment should be very topical!! – & look at Spring animal matching cards, as well as listening to some appropriate music, Vivaldi’s Spring!

Spring Poem

The wind told the grass,
And the grass told the trees,

The trees told the bushes,
And the bushes told the bees,

The bees told the robin,
And the robin sang out clear –

“Wake up!
Wake up!
Spring is here!”