24th – 28th May

Welcome to the final leg of our journey around the globe. This week the children are off to the warmer climes of Australia where they will explore different animals , discuss why kangaroos have pouches & experience kangaroo baby pouches using a baby wrap, and doll. They will learn about its geographical location using the globe and map & some fun facts about Australia’s Indigenous arts and culture and create their own boomerang. There will also be a water cycle science experiment ☔️
Follow the Animals
The emu runs
The kangaroo jumps
Koalas climb the trees.
The crocodile snaps
The platypus swims
The kookaburra laughs at me.
We are on our way to Uluru
In the Aussie outback
We will be there soon
Jumping, swimming, climbing the tree
Follow the animals 1,2,3
Follow the animals 1,2,3!

17th – 21st May

Welcome to another exciting week at The Children’s House! This week as part of our continents project the children are off to Antarctica – the coldest continent on Earth – where they will study its geographic location using a globe and map
They will explore the landmarks and animals that inhabit this icy continent such as penguins The children will also learn about the Life cycle of the emperor penguin & learn the CBeebies Antarctica dance! There will be colouring, cutting and gluing art activities ️❄️

I’m a Little Penguin (Tune of I’m a Little Teapot)

I’m a little penguin,
Black and white.
I waddle to the left,
And I waddle to the right.
When I’m feeling hungry,
Splash and splish,
I jump in the water,
And catch a fish!


10th – 14th May

Hi everyone, we have a very exciting week ahead with our globetrotting project! This week the children will be learning about Africa, where they will explore some of the animals that live in the African plains on their sandbox Safari. They will explore landmarks such as Table Mountain, the Nile River, Timbuktu, the Great Pyramid of Giza, Mount Kilamanjaro & the Avenue of Baobabs. There will be the opportunity to listen to some African safari music and some wonderful stories such as ‘Mouse Tales – Tutankamouse’.
The children will also design and create colourful African necklaces using mixed media. Feel free to send in pictures, artefacts, or information if you or anyone you know has been there.
The Seven Continents Poem
North America, South America joined in the west,
Europe and Asia meet together,
And on Africa, they rest.
Australia stands alone, floating down below,
And Antarctica is the loneliest, where no one wants to go!

4th – 7th May

Happy month of May everyone!! We hope you all had a lovely long weekend – the months are passing by so quickly now, & we’re celebrating the start of May by having a little Maypole out the back that the children can walk around with their crepe paper ribbons! This week we’re continuing our continents project & looking at the biggest continent, Asia. The children will once again make their own map of Asia including landmarks & animals, & they will be learning how to say ‘hello’ & ‘goodbye’ in Japanese & Chinese.

We will also be talking about the Olympic Games which will be held in Tokyo, Japan this summer. The children will then have a ‘mini Olympics’ on Friday in school, with all sorts of sporting events like the long jump – it promises to be a fun week!

Olympic Oath (for children):

I promise to participate in the games
And to give it my all

Winning or losing is not important
Remembering to have fun is!

Opening Hymn:

Let’s go Olympians, let’s go!

Let’s go Olympians, let’s go!

Let’s go Olympians, let’s go!