May 17, 2021 admin

17th – 21st May

Welcome to another exciting week at The Children’s House! This week as part of our continents project the children are off to Antarctica – the coldest continent on Earth – where they will study its geographic location using a globe and map
They will explore the landmarks and animals that inhabit this icy continent such as penguins The children will also learn about the Life cycle of the emperor penguin & learn the CBeebies Antarctica dance! There will be colouring, cutting and gluing art activities ️❄️

I’m a Little Penguin (Tune of I’m a Little Teapot)

I’m a little penguin,
Black and white.
I waddle to the left,
And I waddle to the right.
When I’m feeling hungry,
Splash and splish,
I jump in the water,
And catch a fish!