May 24, 2021 admin

24th – 28th May

Welcome to the final leg of our journey around the globe. This week the children are off to the warmer climes of Australia where they will explore different animals , discuss why kangaroos have pouches & experience kangaroo baby pouches using a baby wrap, and doll. They will learn about its geographical location using the globe and map & some fun facts about Australia’s Indigenous arts and culture and create their own boomerang. There will also be a water cycle science experiment ☔️
Follow the Animals
The emu runs
The kangaroo jumps
Koalas climb the trees.
The crocodile snaps
The platypus swims
The kookaburra laughs at me.
We are on our way to Uluru
In the Aussie outback
We will be there soon
Jumping, swimming, climbing the tree
Follow the animals 1,2,3
Follow the animals 1,2,3!