January 21, 2019 admin

21st – 25th January

After a great week discussing dental hygiene and learning all about our teeth, we will be continuing on to do a healthy eating theme this week at The Children’s House – we will start off the week with a discussion with the children on why they might think it’s important to eat healthily, talk about what our bodies need from food and which foods are best for us, and continue from there to look at the food pyramid. After this we will introduce practical activities such as matching sample jars of food to the food pyramid, art activities, and sugar experiments, as well as doing some healthy cooking of soup!

We emphasise the importance of having a good balanced diet and a healthy relationship with food – to know which foods are healthy and which are not, but to stress that having a treat is not a bad thing either!

Oh, Do You Eat Your Vegetables (tune of Muffin Man)

Oh, do you eat your vegetables, vegetables, vegetables?
Oh, do you eat your vegetables, each and every day?

Oh, yes we eat our vegetables, vegetables, vegetables;
Oh, yes we eat our vegetables, each and every day!