January 7, 2019 admin

7th – 11th January

Happy new year everyone!! We’re so excited to welcome you all back at the beginning of a brand new year! Hope all the children had a great break and are ready to get back to the routine of exploring and learning with their friends!! This week at The Children’s House we will be focussing on our families; we are asking all children to bring in a family photo that they can put up on the wall as part of their family trees and we will be discussing what makes each of our families so special and different, as part of the process of getting the children to see themselves as unique individuals in their own community.

We will also be talking about the new month January and the new year 2019, as well as doing some yoga and mindfulness – these are important tools to learn how to use when we need to calm ourselves down, and good to practice on a regular basis, so we will be starting off the year on a positive foot!

Families (Poem)

Some families are big,                    (spread arms out wide)
Some families are small,                (bring arms close together)
But I love my family,                       (point to self)
Best of all!!                                       (throw hands up in air)