April 9, 2018 admin

9th – 13th April

Welcome back everyone after the Easter holidays, hope you had a wonderful break!! It’s great to be back, and this week as well as talking about the new month of April, we will be continuing on with our music project by doing more music appreciation. We will be learning about the terms ‘Crescendo’ (when music gradually increases in volume) and ‘Diminuendo’ (when music gradually decreases in volume) and then using these terms with musical instruments as well as our voices – which promises to be fun!! Then at the end of the week we will be looking at music & instruments from around the world, so if any of you would like to bring in/play some music for us we’ll be delighted to facilitate this!

Jelly on a Plate (using Lámh to sign)

Jelly on a plate, jelly on a plate,
Wibbley wobbley, wibbley wobbley, jelly on a plate!

Biscuits in the bowl, biscuits in the bowl,
Yummy yummy, yummy yummy, biscuits in the bowl!

Apples on the tree, apples on the tree,
Red and green, red and gree, apples on the tree!

Juice in a cup, juice in a cup,
Drink it up, drink it up, juice in a cup!