November 12, 2019 admin

11th – 15th November

We will be doing healthy eating in school this week, and learning all about the Food Pyramid. It’s a very visual and interactive way of learning about what we should eat, as the children match up physical samples of food in jars to the pictures in the food pyramid, and it shows how we should eat plenty of grains fruit & vegetables, and only a little of less healthy things such as sweets and chocolates – everything in moderation! Following this, the children will be making soup later in the week, practising mindfulness, and doing planting for springtime!

Lámh, lámh eile

Lámh, lámh eile, a haon, a dó,           (Hand, other hand, one, two)
Cos, cos eile, a haon, a dó.                  (Leg, other leg, one, two)
Súil, súil eile, a haon, a dó,                 (Eye, other eye, one, two,)
Cluas, cluas eile, a haon, a dó,           (Ear, other ear, one, two,)
Ceann, srón, béal, smig,                      (Head, nose, mouth, chin,)
Agus fiacla bána i mo bhéal istigh.   (And white teeth inside my mouth).