January 28, 2020 admin

27th – 31st January

This week at The Children’s House we are talking about winter; we will be discussing winter weather, doing winter art (snowman) and a winter science experiment (snow in a jar)! As well as this, we will be focusing on the importance of listening, so as well as talking about listening to others, we will be practising some mindfulness and listening to the sounds around us in the classroom and outside in the garden. This is a wonderful exercise to do with the children – closing our eyes, listening to our breathing & to the sounds all around in our environments.

Roille, roille, ráinne (tune of Ring a Rosie)

Roille roille ráinne,
Timpeall linn i bhfáinne,  (around in a circle together)
Ríleo ró, ríleo ró,
Suas san aer le mo choisín ó! (up in the air with my feet)