April 12, 2021 admin

12th – 16th April

Welcome back everyone after our Easter break – we hope you all had a lovely couple of weeks & that your children are coming back all energised as we’ve a busy week ahead!! We’re starting a big group project today about the continents, so we’re beginning with North America; we’ll be learning all about it this week – the children will be introduced to it through the continent song, globe, jigsaw map & continental folder. It will cover areas of the cultural curriculum including history, geography & zoology and there will be pictures, discussions, & activities around the different countries, flags, animals, monuments, & musical instruments associated with North America. The children will also learn about Native Americans, Indigenous people of North America & the type of homes they lived in.

There will be lots of opportunities for arts and crafts, including an art activity using the North America Jigsaw piece, making a Native American Home using lollipop sticks & different geometric shapes, & colouring, cutting and gluing various animals & monuments onto a map of North America. There will be a fun playdough activity using orange playdough and a map of North America as well as playing the musical instruments used in native American music.
Continent Song
Here we go round the world,
Round the world we go!
North America, South America,
Europe,& Asia,
Africa, Antarctica,
And don’t forget Australasia!!