October 16, 2018 admin

15th – 19th October

We will be learning all about road safety in The Children’s House as well as discussing our personal space, following on from our theme of emotional well-being last week. We will be learning how to ‘stop, look and listen’ when crossing the road, and practicing this in the classrooms as well as outside. Then we will link this to interactions with our friends, and how to stop, look and listen to them when we’re in their personal space! The children will be doing activities such as standing in a hula hoop firstly by themselves, and then with another child, and we will be asking them which they prefer, and how it feels when somebody is right up against them as opposed to giving them space.

Stop, Look and Listen (tune of Three Blind Mice)

Stop look & listen, stop look & listen,
Before you cross the road, before you cross the road,
You use your eyes & you use your ears,
You use your eyes & you use your ears,
And if no traffic at all appears,
Then we cross the road,
Holding an adult’s hand.