December 16, 2019 admin

16th – 20th December

The Children’s House will close for Christmas holidays on Friday 20th December, reopening Monday 6th January

Welcome to the last few days of 2019 at The Children’s House!! It’s hard to believe Christmas is almost here, the time has really flown since Hallowe’en, but that’s probably because we’ve been so busy having fun and learning loads! This week each class will be putting on a show with some songs and poems that we’ve learnt since September, and then on Friday we’ll be finishing with a party after a visit from a very special jolly person on Thursday…have a wonderful break everyone and we look forward to seeing you all again in January!!

Monday: 9.30 am class Christmas songs @ 11am

Monday: 1 pm class Christmas songs @ 2.30pm

Tuesday: 9 am class Christmas songs @ 10.45am

Tuesday: 1.15 pm class Christmas songs @ 3pm