March 24, 2019 admin

25th – 29th March

This week it’s all about dinosaurs!! The classes will be continuing on with our project from the Paleozoic Era last week and learning about the Mesozoic Era (250 – 60 million years ago), when the reptiles ruled the earth and dinosaurs roamed around, the first flying birds evolved and flowering plants grew. The children will be making pictures to represent the era using a die cut machine, and we will be unrolling the Timeline of the Eras on the GAA pitch – weather permitting! – as it’s getting too long to contain within the school! We will also be doing some Mother’s Day arts & crafts, so it’s going to be a creative week in The Children’s House!!

Dinosaurs All Around (tune: If you’re happy & you know it)

There are dinosaurs stomping all around,
There are dinosaurs stomping all around,
They are dinosaurs stomping all around, they are stomping on the ground,
There are dinosaurs stomping all around!

There are dinosaurs flying all around…
There are dinosaurs swimming all around…
They are dinosaurs eating all around…