February 5, 2019 admin

4th – 8th February

Gong Xi Fa Cai!! It’s the Chinese Lunar New Year on Tuesday, so this week we will be learning a bit about China – looking at where it is in Asia, learning about some customs & superstitions, and looking at some photos and objects from China. As it’s the Year of the Pig, the children will be making pigs from paper plates, as well as Chinese fans, cherry blossom trees with thumb prints, and decorating the classrooms for the week.

Happy New Year (action poem)

Happy new year, hop hop hop,
Happy new year, stop stop stop,
Happy new year, jump jump jump,
Happy new year, stomp stomp stomp.
Happy new year, touch your nose,
Happy new year, touch your toes,
Happy new year, turn around,
Happy new year, now sit down!